‘Halfway Through Kansas” A Folk Song of Wanderlust Gone Awry

Low Hopper knew a thing or two about the call of the wild.  The pull of nature on the mind and heart of a human; that call to see what rests outside the bubble.  In a song recovered from tapes found in a shoebox in the back of a closet in Rochester, NY (a city Hopper would refer to as ‘nice’ once), he tackles the subject of going out, seeing the world, meeting its people and going on a quest to save the universe.

The new classic Low Hopper tune – Halfway Through Kansas

I woke up in a men’s room.
Only wearing but one shoe
Thought it was a my tomb.

Don’t know how I got there
Know why I was there
Had to see the world


Halfway through Kansas
Green kids from St. Martens
Said they held the key


So I had to ask them
So they had to answer
So we had to save the day


This is where I black out
Missing quite a few days here
I was halfway through Kansas


Wanderlust struck me
Had an itch and I scratched it
Met some Martians and found me

The backing track:

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