Deck and Amy and The Future

Deck typed away at his company furnished laptop after hours and listened to his company furnished cell phone vibrate violently with every new email received.  “We should start a business.  Be our own boss.”  He suggested.

Amy scoffed. “Two words: Sales”

“That’s one word,” Deck said really putting his accounting experience to work.

“That’s how bad I am at sales,” Amy said.

“What if we just made something everyone wants and needs and offered it at a reasonable price? It will sell itself,” Deck chased a pipedream.

“Like roads. We could sell roads,” Amy said.  She was busy with a video game having sworn off after hours labor years prior like a genius.

“I feel that would require more work than necessary,” Deck said, still typing a report for someone he had never met.

“Is there a way to get money without having to interact with other humans in any capacity? I’m fine with becoming small business owners if we can just remove the people element,” Amy said, laying down the ground rules.

“Clandestine thieves? I think you’re thinking about cat burglary” Deck asked.  His phone buzzed with four more email notifications.

“Our future is set! We’re going into comic book villain schemes.  I’ll fill out the LLC paperwork,” Amy said, not moving from her video game.

“Your support means so much to me,” Deck said.  He had another hour before his reports were done.


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