Dear Future Past Me

Dear Future Past Me,

I really thought time travel would involve more Quantum Leap style murder mystery.  You know how much Lore I’ve listened to? You don’t. I’m friggin’ years older than you are right now. Maybe. I can’t control when these notes arrive.  But if Lore the popular podcast, television series, and VR-Cast (you’ll see it when you’re older, it is… intense) is to be believed there’s murder everywhere.

I haven’t stumbled upon one single crazy local crime scene. Not one. I’m not hopping on the timeline and changing things for the better.  Nope. I’m jumping into the timeline more Terminator-like; covered in goop, sitting in a weird looking machine and trying to understand medieval English.  Here’s a hint: you can’t!

I’m in 1066 right now watching the fate of the future be decided on a tiny little island the Romans left and you know what? I don’t care anymore.  Sure, the Norman conquest of England is starting today. Sure, the lines of succession in European monarchies are crazy to follow and a childless king like Edward the Confessor is the worst thing that could have happened in this era. Sure, the future monastery that rests atop the spot of Harold’s death is an off-putting idea. You know what? I’m going to eat an overcooked lamb leg – without any sort of dipping sauce ’cause the past is the worst- and watch horrible things happen to 15 to 20 thousand troops.  Game of Thrones was polite enough to not show large-scale battles right up until the final episode when things went off the chain!

You know what? I say that too often.  I need to take a deep breath.  I may not be solving mysteries like a wicked awesome tv detective, but I can use my knowledge of the real world to bring people a little closer to the truth.

You know what? I’m going to do something.  I know my influence on the past has absolutely no impact on the future as evidenced by trying to make “fetch” actually happen during a day trip to Woodstock ’69 (those hippie kids didn’t listen to a word I said).  I can tell people that mercury does not have medical implications.  I can tell people about penicillin before it is officially discovered.  I can tell people about germs.  I can get into data science well before that field becomes an industry must have buzz word!  I can invent the banana split!

Yeah! Yeah, you know what? I’m going to help out and bring the future to the world of today (yesterday for us, but my mind hurts now).  We can do without Quantum Leap plot lines for now.  All we have to do is steal the achievements of others!  Oh, golly.

Time travel is the worst.

Be well,

Me, You, Us


Thanks for reading.


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