Deck and Amy Steal a Pen

“Oh, my gaaaaawwwwsh. I stole their pen,” Amy said, horrified.  She clutched the silver plastic tube containing a smaller tube full of black ink, thought on how weird that was for a moment, then returned to the dread that was her crime against the pizza delivery driver.

“I’m sure they have more pens,” Deck said consolingly.  He could not hide his own fear that somehow he and Amy would be marked as pen thieves by all local delivery drivers though.

“Do we give it back?” Amy asked. “How would we do that?”

“Order another pizza?” Deck suggested.

“That would be weird,” Amy dismissed.

“Super weird,” Deck agreed.

Brows furrowed, ideas formed and were brushed aside, but after a few minutes of silent pondering, they came to the same conclusion.

“We will mail the pen to the shop and never order from there again,” they said in unison.

“I love you,” Deck said, smiling.

“I love you too,” Amy said.  She went to get an envelope.


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