From the Archives: Useful Greeting Cards (For Bad Adulting)

Road trip time.  That means I’m away from internet, but thanks to the wonder of planning ahead the content keeps on a’ flowing here on the ol’ blog.  For better or worse.

As I expect bad adulting will be a thing this weekend, here’s one that keeps in theme quite well.

Useful Greeting Cards (For Bad Adulting)

When it comes to greeting cards, I’m pretty sure sympathy and birthday are leading types.  I’m not about to do market research, but if the Family Feud ever surveyed 100 people, put the top five responses on the board and had contestant guess the remaining three it would take a few rounds to fill the board.  To me, that means the market is wide open for more specialized occasions where one might not be able to come up with the right words.

Cards for occasions like…

Forgetting the name of a co-worker’s baby.

Taking the last donut before checking with anyone else

Being late on your taxes

Laughing at the death scene in the dramatic movie your spouse has been dying to see.

Taking three weeks to reply to a text.

Discounting the merit of a good yoga routine, even if it does involve chicken nuggets.

Sharing a click bait article on Facebook.

Liking an article from an obviously biased source on Facebook.

Bailing on plans in favor of nothing at all.   Scratch that, this is just surviving. Sorry, friends.

Brought a guitar to a party without asking first.

Swiping through someone’s photos when they hand over their phone.

An apology note for burning toast and stinking up the whoooooollllle dorm room.

Spending five hours playing Candy Crush while your spouse does the housework.

Sharing an awesome YouTube video with a coworker and not crediting your friend for the discovery.


Long story short, I owe some apology cards to a whoooooollllle bunch of people.


Thanks for reading! Have a nice night.


Comments welcome!

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