The Robot Assistant’s Amazing Magic Trick

“I see you two have gone the AI in the house route.  Is that an Echo or a Home?” Arnold asked the party host, CJ.

The two dads were navigating the social intricacies of a seven year old’s birthday party.  Finger foods on paper plates were scattered through the living and dining room areas, children played as a group in the back yard and inside a bunch of parents with only school articulation area in common tried to play nice for an hour and a half.

CJ was more than happy to show off the Echo unit that decorated the front room table.  “You know, the voice recognition stuff is pretty spectacular.  We can call up unit coversions for cooking, play music and audio books, I’m building a choose-your-own-adventure app to keep the kids amused.  It works with lights and curtains and with other tool APIs, this thing is going to revolutionize life at home.”

“But the coolest part,” CJ continued, “is that it has a built in magic trick.”

“Magic and technology combined? That sounds amazing,” Arnold said after taking a sip of his beer.

“Oh yeah. Check this out,” CJ cleared his throat.  “Alexa play s-”

“Dad!” CJ’s son shouted, “where’s my sock?”

“Check your room big guy.” CJ answered.  “Let’s do that trick one more time,” CJ laughed, “Alexa, play Ro-”

“DAD!” CJ’s daughter shouted, “Brother stole my sock!”

“Bud, give your sister her socks,” CJ commanded.

“Did I miss the trick?” Arnold asked.

“Once more,” CJ said. “Alexa, play Ro-”

“DAD!” His children shouted in unison.

“Guys, just find your own socks. You have whole drawers full of them.” CJ said, knowing exactly what the issue was.

“Fine!” The children yelled back.

Arnold laughed, “that is magic!”

“I have not been able to say one single command to this robot.  The kids just know, they know, when I am trying to say something.  I can’t explain it,” CJ laughed too.

“Think future models will tune out the voices of children?” Arnold pondered.

“The kids will find a way, man. They always do,” CJ offered.



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