The Assistant’s Question

“Welcome home, Taggart.  I hope your day was productive.  While you were out I made three adjustments to the internal temperature of the house and one mouse was discovered.  Shall I call an exterminator?” The robotic voice of Taggart’s home AI called out as soon as he opened the door.

“Good evening, Home.  How was your day?” Taggart asked.  He put his briefcase and wallet on a table next to the front door and went about the motions he followed every single night.  Predicable, safe and typical; exactly how Taggart enjoyed his evenings after days full of chaos and uncertainty.

“Other events of the day included a slight change in water pressure in the refrigerator and a neighbor boy rang the doorbell.  He intended on selling you popcorn.  Shall I call an exterminator?” Home asked.

Taggart paused the customary action of removing his belt, step one in changing out of his work clothes and into less formal costuming.

“Home, one more time?” He requested.

“A water pressure change in the ice maker caused a tray to be filled undersized.  The problem was corrected.  A pre-teen child approached the house at 3:52pm, he towed a red wagon full of popcorn for purchase.  I refrained from the solving that problem myself.  Shall I call an exterminator?” Home asked again.

Taggart could not restrain his shock.  “Home! We do not exterminate children attempting to solicit popcorn sales from their neighbors.  That was probably Tim’s kid.  Do not exterminate Tim’s kid you square Dalek!”

“For the mouse, Taggart.  Shall I call an exterminator for the mouse?” Home asked.

Taggart’s relieved sigh spoke volumes.  “Yes, oh thank goodness, yes. Call someone for the mouse.  I’ll call Tim and buy some popcorn.”


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