The Sixth Screen

I read an article about marketers trying to figure out how to win the war for the fifth screen in our lives.  TV, tablet,  computer/laptop, cell phone and smartwatch all included in the screen battle.  Information all the time! That’s tons of opportunity to advertise completely unregulated dietary supplements to any one and every one.

But what about the sixth screen?  That as yet unknown space to relay even more information.  To define the battle for that screen, we must first define the screen.

Here are my suggestions:

Car windshields.  Put a heads-up-display right in the glass.  GPS, speed, and in the bottom corner in front of the passenger seat there’s a 24/7 feed of upcoming movie trailers.

What about the back of the phone? That’s right, we’re going screen-ception.

Inside beer bottles, but only for displaying jump scares from 80s horror movies.  This will need to be highly regulated.

My wallet and debit/credit cards need a screen that activates with my thumbprint applied.  Then the screen just shows a sad face or a smiley face if I’m allowed to buy dumb things thanks to a budget surplus.  It’ll almost always be sad.  (Have you checked out my Society6 mugs or Amazon books lately?)

How about screens in desks? Skype calls would be terrifying.

Maybe we go the other direction and take back a few screens? Computer, tablet, phone, refrigerator door.

Screen that only appear in the flame of a campfire.  Good golly story telling would be even more amazing.

Doors.  Screen doors.


That’s it for tonight.  Have a great weekend!



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