The Name Game

“We can’t mess this up.  This is something the wee one will have forever!” Baxter said, stressing the importance of his goal.

“That’s why I don’t want to name the baby Optimus or Sunflower Ray,” Betty made her case.

The name debate continued for weeks.  Names were tossed back and forth.  Some names were tossed aside because of personal historic connections.  Some were just dumb.  Each name was intensely reviewed and discussed like it was all that mattered.  Finally the baby was born and the name was absolute perfection.

Years passed and Baxter, Better and Bobbi were excited to discover a fourth member of the family would soon join them.

“What do you want to name baby two?” Baxter asked.

“How about Bill?” Betty suggested.

“Good enough. I’m off to the gym,” Baxter said, grabbing a duffel bag and chomping into a dougnut. “Be nice to mom, Bobbi. Bye bye.”


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