My Thumb, a Coffee Bag and a Lesson in Detail

I’m a bit of a coffee fan. Bean juice is my jam.  That phrase sounds pretty gross when not discussing music and I’m full of regret now.  When we are running low on coffee, it is essentially priority one to replenish stock.  Replenish stock means “get whatever is on sale because it is all bean juice anyway, so being picky is far from worthwhile.”

I made a run to the local grocery, perused the coffee aisle for sale items and pulled a bag of coffee from the rack to review it like so:

I’m reminded of the The Simpsons episodes where Homer discovers he has some mental inhibitors due a crayon lodged into his brain.  Dr. Hibbert went years without noticing the crayon because he always holds Homer’s numerous cranial x-rays with his thumb in one specific spot, allowing the crayon to go unnoticed.

BOOM! Most boring description of a classic Simpson’s episode ever.  I’ll take it.

Turns out, as I was looking over the bag to ensure it had not been burned to the point caffeine no longer exists (I’m looking at you, Dark Roast coffee.  You’d better watch your self.), I had placed my thumb over the bag’s proverbial crayon.


I brought decaf home! This is not coffee. This is an insult to coffee.  This is what children drink to feel like rebellious teenagers.  This is what we would give to a nervous chihuahua to help it get to sleep.  My thumb had blocked an important bit of knowledge.

I did learn a thing or two though.  One, my thumbs look weird.  Two; an extra moment for atttention to dettail is always good..

I actually went back to the store after the kids had gone to sleep (my wife was home, fear not, Mom). I spent five minutes reviewing bags of different coffee brands to ensure light roast, ground (because grinding whole beans at 5:30am is just way too loud. Delicious, but loud), full caff coffee came home with me.

Slow down. Review. Quality over quantity. Whatever the necessary phrase is, it was a good reminder.  Now I have to share my home with a bag of fertilizer masquerading as ground Arabica. Sometimes we learn stuff in weird ways.


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