Highlights from the Report

On August 5, 1973 Father Patrick Smith, Father Ryan O’Henry, Doctor Rose Bayi, and paranormal investigator Farah Jinni were tasked with resolving a reporting haunting in the gated community of High Plain Park in a suburb of Charleston.

Their investigation notes were recently pulled from a filing cabinet in dark corner of an abandoned church.  Those notes are being transcribed by an intern at Duke University, because interns get the worst assignments on campus.

What follows are selections passages from those notes to better inform the public of what exactly happened inside the house on Waker street.

Day 1:

  • O’Henry, Day 1: This house is filled with an aura both ominous and chilling.  I fear this is to be our most difficult task yet.
  • Smith, Day 1: The homeowner has explained that the residents do not feel safe in this place.  I can understand why.
  • Bayi, Day 1: Evil is afoot in this place.  There is no denying that.
  • Jinni, Day 1: Any rational person will enter this building and know it is simply a work of wood and plaster.  This place destroys the rational mind as soon as the threshold is crossed.  We are in grave danger.

Day 3:

  • O’Henry, Day 3: I am seriously craving a crepe.
  • Smith, Day 3: There is a room in this house full of pictures of cats.  On the walls, on the floor, on the bed.  I can only hope this haunting is real, else the owner is mad. Quite mad.
  • Jinni, Day 3: I believe there to be an evil locked in a strange bunny shaped doll found in what was once a child’s bedroom.
  • Bayi, Day 3: I have not slept since our arrival.  Too afraid of the darkness that consumes this place, even at high noon.

Day 8:

  • O’Henry, Day 8: I have not yet secered a crepe.  The bunny doll is telling me to end the investigation.
  • Smith, Day 8: I entered a room that smelled of dead moths.  Do you know how many dead moths have to be in a single place to create a smell? I do.  It’s a lot.
  • Jinni, Day 8: I have lost track of the bunny doll.  I am not convinced it is the source of this evil, but the disappearance is rattling
  • Bayi, Day 8:  I have requested the team leave lights turned on during the day.  As it is 1973, I doubt any one will consider the energy consumption associated with this request.

Day 16:

  • O’Henry, Day 16: Doing laundry!
  • Smith, Day 16: no notes.
  • Jinni, Day 16: Father Smith is no longer in the house.  He has abandoned the inquest.  I pray he has abandoned the inquest.
  • Bayi, Day 16: Should Ryan mention a need for a crepe one more time, I may sick Farah’s murder doll on him.

Day 20:

  • O’Henry, Day 20: The bunny doll, Malice Furrybottom, has ordered the destruction of his enemies.  I have removed Smith.  The others will go soon.
  • Smith, Day 20: no notes.
  • Jinni, Day 20: Pretty sure I saw the bunny doll staring at me through a window as I slept last night.
  • Bayi, Day 20; Painted on the walls of the kitchen, the words “Father Smith is Gone” were written in red.

Day 22, the final day of the investigation.

  • O’Henry, Day 22: FOR THE BUNNY
  • Smith, Day 22: “Carrots” – notes obviously not written by his own hand.
  • Jinni, Day 22: O’Henry is running around the house with the bunny doll.  His ramblings lead me to believe our investigation has come to an end.  The police will be here shortly.
  • Bayi, Day 22: Our investigation ends today, but I am bringing home an amazing keepsake.  I found a bunny doll that has promised to me happy and wealthy.  We’re going places.



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