In the Summer

Summer. Days are long and hot.  Nights are short and hot.  Weeks are long and hot.  Months are short and hot.  Existence itself is short and hot and not in a good way.

I’m not particularly enjoying the summer…week? We’re a week into summer? Jimminy crickets.  My brain is melting.

Someone’s always gotta be the one-upper.

With my melted brain in tow, I’m trying to come up with slogans to help make the summer feel less oppressive.  Of course, I could spend my time working toward controlling the weather, but my villainy has yet to reach the ‘super’ type.  For now my villainous streak is confined to giving the kids chocolate milk when in fact they requested chocolate soy milk! Muehhahahahahahahahahaha!

Back on track now.

Slogans to Help the Mind Overcome the Summer Heat:

It’s not that bad.



Nope. I can’t do this one. Brain melted.  I’ve started and stopped five times already and just feel tired and slow.  There’s legit humidity right now.  I have no idea where the nearest body of water exists. There’s no training for this.




Wherever you may be, may you be safe from the result of climate change as it impacts your particular section of our globe.  I’m going to sleep with the windows open and hope mosquitoes the size of baseballs don’t come inside for a midnight snack.


Comments welcome!

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