Campfire Memories

“Oh I love this song!” Ty said, moving to turn up the volume on the Bluetooth speaker pumping a Spotify playlist of pop hits from his youth.  “I will always think of 9th grade English class and reading Of Mice and Men for a big project.  Of course, I can’t look at bunnies because of that book, but this song brings back a ton of memories.”

Ty and four others sat around a campfire.  Fireflies buzzed around them, stars flickered above and the night’s enormous moon reflected light on the dense forest around them.  Summer had come and that called for beers, tents and a weekend without work.

“That’s funny,” Charlotte said, laughing and raising a beer bottle toward Ty, “I think of that game Spore.  Played it non-stop and listened to this whole cd.  While I don’t think of bunnies, I do think of clubbing rival clans out of existence.”

“I loved Spore!” Clint said.  He sat back in his chair, unable to move too much.  Marshmallows hit him hard.  “This track brings me back to Diablo 2.  I wish I read more as a kid, but clubbing electronic sprites out of existence generally won out.”

Maribel shook her head, “this song will always be about dreaming of that first car.  I wanted a BMW for my 16th.  Couldn’t afford it in a million years, but the dream was there.  Like most our age, this whole CD was on repeat for a number of my teenage summers.”

“You have the BMW now,” Ty pointed out.

“You know it.  Can’t give up on teenage dreams.  That car goes vroom.  Now for a house with a pool in the backyard.” Maribel laughed.  The group enjoyed a good chuckle and clanked their beers together.

Paul, once the laughter died down, finally chimed in on the topic at hand.  “I have memories tied to this song as well.  A dark, back country road.  I was driving already when you four were in your early teens, as you know.  Tall trees and high grass lined the sides of the road.  My headlights cast light on the animal just a blink of the eye before it was too late.”

“Oh my gosh,” Charlotte said, shocked by what Paul had to be telling them, “did you hit a deer while listening to this song?”

“I wish.  No, Bigfoot threw a pig at my car.  Shattered the windshield and rolled over the roof.  It was weird and happened incredibly fast.  This song was playing when I told my parents what went down.”

The others paused.

“You had one bizarre life before we met, didn’t you, Paulie?” Ty asked.

“No more bizarre than a tossed pig, Ty-man.” Paul replied.



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