Let’s Talk About It

A long time ago, I did a podcast thing.  Realized pretty quickly it was garbage and have not returned to the medium since.  However, I adore podcasts.  It is a wildly intriguing way to tell a story, reach an audience and keep from being incredibly bored.  Fun times all around.

So I’ve been kicking around some ideas for new venture of my own.  Here’s what’s up for consideration:

Backstories for the spam bots that leave blog comments that immediately go to trash.

Tales about objects found in famous criminal’s possessions at the time of their end/arrest.

How to cope with always losing board and card games.  For reals.  It hurts after a while.

Ranking photography.

Just straight up 10 minutes of eating chips and ending every episode with “oh crap, this thing is on”

A group of friends talking about books that held their interest for three chapters then completely stopped.

A long form FATE Core campaign full of adventure, daring, epic battles and a phone scams.

Discussing the real garbage music of the 90s.  Everyone wants the happy memories.  I want to talk about how much progress we’ve made since rock rap.

Five people in a room sharing Excel short cut key tips.  It would be one person sharing their tip followed by four people saying “Oh man! That sounds awesome.”  Thrilling entertainment, people. Thrilling.

A short story challenge podcast giving listeners a prompt a week followed by live readings of selected submissions. Pretty standard format, but all stories must feature a mime out for revenge.  I’d call it Mimecast, but that’s already taken.  Pod Mime. ModMast? Mime All Alone In This?

Fifty minutes of six word stories.  It would be more confusing than a David Lynch movie.

Three people discussing their favorites of whatever topic is selected that week.  Ice Cream, diseases coming back because someone refused to vaccinate their child, TGIF sitcoms, John Cusack films; all the big things that three random people need to share with the world.

Food reviews on recipes that start as dares.  Peppermint pickles? Yes, please.

Little Known Completely Fake Facts.  Like a two truths and a lie about the real world.  The panel chats about a historical event and one member tries to figure out the falsehood.  Also, the historical event must involve a mime.

A show called Paradox.  It’s two doctors talking about the stuff see during the day.  Paperwork probably.

An improvisation show where panelists are given an object and they create the person that owned it.  Also, that person must be a mime.


Ah. Mime jokes.  How’s everyone’s Monday night going? My evening is…well, it’s mimes. I don’t know why.


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