Tala Discovers Time Travel

“It works.” Tala said, smiling.  “It works!”

The team cheered.  Their efforts would soon propel science and humanity to a new era.

“We can make it happen.  Now we just need to perfect the vessel that takes us back in time.”

The team had not thought this far ahead.  Brainstorming commenced with a roar.

“A table!”

“A giant Lego brick.”

“A tea cup!”

“A phone booth!”

That suggested halted conversation.  Tala turned to the young intern who shouted it. “That one is taken.”

“Taken?” The intern asked.

“Bill and Ted. 80s film. The reason most of us are so interested in the theories around time travel.” Tala explained.

“I’ve seriously never heard of that,” The intern said.

“What? Seriously? How old are you?” Tala asked.

“Wait, wait, don’t answer that.  I don’t think we’re allowed to ask that question directly,” Leroy, the ever cautious one of the group interrupted.  “Let’s ask it a different way.  Intern, do you know Keanue Reeves from Point Break, Speed, The Matrix, or John Wick?”

The intern looked confused for a moment.  “Oh! I loved  John Wick.”

You’re a child.  A child just helped discover time travel,” Tala said, stunned.  “Put the mechanics inside a phone booth.  We’ll work the lawsuits later.”


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