Regulations State

“Thanks for coming to this safety training.  As leaders in your departments, I want this to be your first takeaway.  First, everybody look at your hands.”  Darrell, OSHA certified safety instructor, started the class.

Fifteen faces stared at thirty hands.  Darrell knew he had his audience.

“Good.  Those hands are important.  Those hands can act if they want to.  If they don’t, no body will.  Remember that.  The opposite is you could act real rude and totally removed and act like an imbecile.  No body wants that.”  Darrell appealed to their sense of power.  He felt the whole safety talk and dance was going well.  

“Let’s talk fire safety.  This is real stuff, folks.  Yes, question in the back?” Darrell had not had a question in six or seven presentations.  His pulse raced with excitement.

“Darrell, hi, Jerry from purchasing.  Why do I need to know about fire safety?” Jerry was asking for a confrontation.

“Oh. Oh I see.  You wanna dance? We can dance if you want to.  What about your friends in this situation? You gonna leave them behind?  In that case, you’re no friend of mine.  Sure, we run a manufacturing plant and you’re an accountant.  You can dress real neat from your hat to your feet,” Darrell was feeling heated and opted to change course.  “When it comes to employment, we can go where we want to. But here is where you’ll find a place that leaves the real world behind because we are so safe.”

“I’m sorry, Darrell,” Jerry said, “I didn’t mean to offend.  My question was meant to be more like, when everything’s out of control and fire’s running pole to pole, is it worth taking a chance on this safety dance?”

“Oh yeah. We can dance.  We can dance.  We can do the safety dance,” Darrell accented each sentence by punching fist into palm.   “Think safety, work safely people.  Live it. Learn it.  Safety dance. Safety dance.  Make it into a song if you need to remember it.  Thank you for your question, Jerry.  But please, put your hat on as required.”

“Oh golly.  Sorry.  Here I am, man without hat!  Oh, look at that. I’m not alone.  There are two of us! Benny, put on your hat.” Jerry said, sheepishly placing his hard hat atop his head.



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