Bots for a Better Life

Automation of simple tasks is the wave of the future.  I’ve been working with metrics at work a lot recently and wanted to spruce up some charts and found a whole industry dedicated to making charts quick and easy to make.  I plugged a 4000 line database into a free tool and had an interactive HTML5 ready chart in a flash! It was amazing.  Of course, a few clicks in Excel and the same chart exists, but not in HTML5!

So now I’m wondering of other ways the world can be made faster, better, stronger, by bots and automated tools


A iWatch or Fitbit add-in that orders coffee from the nearest coffee place as soon as it detects your run has ended.  This way, you find those lost calories before they go too far.

Why doesn’t my oven tell me when it’s left on too long? Huh? Answer me that Big Oven.  Wifi enable those things and send me a note when it has been on for 6 hours straight.

Same thing, but with smoke alarm batteries.  ‘Cause that’s wildly needed.

A Twitter bot that retweets Trump but adds “…of doom!” at the end of everything.  It won’t improve the situation, but at least everything will make more sense.

A bot that sends a note to dictionaries around the world whenever a common word or slang term gets a red squiggly line under it.  It is perfectly cromulant.

A bot to automatically accept LinkedIn connections with a reply of “I have no idea what my account access information is and I’m not looking it up.  Glad to connect!”

A Chrome extension to change all instances of whatever phrase you wish to “Peanut Butter on Rye” and only Peanut Butter on Rye.  Not budging on that one.

An IFTTT applet that has your smart house lights blink a Morse code message “Time is a cruel master” right before bedtime.


And with that we’re into June of 2017! Woohoo!

Here’s a free short book for your ereader needs. His Grandfather’s Ring


Comments welcome!

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