From the Archives: Readying for Dinner

The weekend away continues.  I hope all you wonderful readers are having a good time this fine Saturday.  Having written this ahead of time, I hope I’m having a fine Saturday too.  This is a really weird note to my future self.  Future self! Don’t lick that frog.  It is a trap.  It is always a trap.

Here’s one from a year ago! A year.  Time is cruel.

Readying for Dinner

“Good evening.  In less than an hour, we’ll have dinner with our extended family. Extended family, that phrase has a new meaning tonight,” their father said.

“Oh, dad, please no,” the children pleaded.

“We will sit down for a dinner of spaghetti and sauce and our petty differences will divide us.  But know that we will sit down quietly throughout the night!  We will eat without a fight!  We’re going to eat and run!  Tonight, we celebrate Grandma’s birthday!”

“Do you have to do an Independence Day speech for every gathering?” The children asked.

“You know it! Let’s get going!”


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