From the Archives: Commandeered

I’m spending the weekend away from the computer (well, without internet access at any rate.  It’s like 1993 up in here!)  Written daily, fresh outta the box, new content will resume Tuesday. Good ol’ Tuesday.  There’s a radio station in Colorado that plays nothing but “throw back” songs all Memorial Day.  I’m stealing their idea and programming lots of old favorites for the next few days.

Here’s a fun one from…January.  2017.  This isn’t a throw back! This is a…a…light underhand toss back. Against the wind.  With an arm that is asleep.


“Traffic update” chirped the robotic voice of the GPS unit.  August tapped the steering wheel, looked at the coffee shop to his right and waited for the GPS’ update.

“Police activity in area.  Road closures imminent,” the unit concluded.

August pulled out his phone, typed “Crime wrecking the commute!” and sent the message to half a dozen social accounts.  Notifications of likes and replies poured in soon thereafter.

Sirens sounded in the distance and the red light ahead of him remained unchanged.  Another morning late to work.  He started thinking of what to tell his boss.  His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden tapping on his window and a short, shouting lady standing on the other side.  The window rolled down all too slowly and the shouting grew louder and louder.

“I need this vehicle!” The lady said.

August must have been unable to hide his confusion as the shouting continued.  “I am BCPD, and I must commandeer this vehicle to pursue a suspect.”

August’s face lit up.

“That is so awesome!” He said as he removed his seat belt and opened the door.  “Can I get a selfie?” He continued.  He had already opened the camera and had an arm extended above their heads.

The officer, out of uniform and holding a coffee cup from the cafe on the street corner, had little idea of what was happening now. “What are you doing? Just give me the keys,” she said.

“Hold on a sec, we’re going to Periscope.  Give a shout out to the world!” August said.  He smiled at his phone, gave a peace sign and rambled about the situation for the camera.

“You got time for a Vine?” He asked.  The app was already running.

“Crime is afoot, sir,” the officer said.

“That was six seconds of pure gold! Thanks, officer.  Car’s all yours,” August said handing over the keys.  The officer sighed with relief and hopped in the car and drove off.  August hoped the light had turned green, but was far more interested in taking one final picture for Snapchat.

“Commandeered my car and forgot to put on a seat belt! Lols!” the caption read.  The picture was circulated for weeks.
All I’m saying in, this sort of thing was easier in the 70s. And ‘Commandeered’ is a weird looking word.
Thanks for reading!


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