A Few (six) Words on Stuff

Obscure titles worry the tepid reader.

Charge at 3%, send final text.

Bacon is in my ear. How?

The children are silent. Everyone panic.

Saturday morning cartoons on a Monday!

The last of them has fallen.

Wedding suit rests on the bed.

There’s still bacon in my ear!

Wisdom of age proved incredibly useless.

No memory of the blood stains.

Immortal and bored; the feared combo.

Rabbit soup made Pooh very sad.

Sunglasses made of plastic, not sun.

Winner of a business card lunch!

Punch the clock, lose a day.

The sign clearly said “no entry”.

The door jamb proved quite important.

For crying out loud! Bacon again?

The dark hallway held many secrets.


And that’ll do it for tonight.  If you’re looking for more six word stories, paired with terrible art, come on over to Lunch Hour Characters lunchhourcharacters.wordpress.com

Thanks for reading!




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