Caden’s Towers of Stone


Caden of the Far Meadow possessed no skills.  His farmland barely provided a yield, his fishing ability was legendary for its mediocrity, and his conversation was dull to put it nicely.  He did have a few things going for him; an incredible self awareness of his shortcomings, and friends throughout the village to assist with the skill gap.  Still, he wished to contribute something, anything to the advancement of his village.

Caden of the Far Meadow was not exactly one to possess helpful ideas.

“Hey there, Caden, pal, ol’ chum o’ mine.  What are you doing there?” Aloyia of the East River asked, approaching Caden very slowly and deliberately from behind.

Caden had been observed stacking rocks and talking to himself.  The children originally witnessing the event called it, “exceedingly odd” and feared the man was having some sort of hallucinogenic reaction to the village gruel served at breakfast that morning.  It would not have been the first time.

“I’m good! Good.  Check out what I made.” Caden rose from a kneeling position, setting one final stone in place, and moved close to Aloyia.  “Watch the shadow.”

Aloyia’s gaze fell to the grass behind the stacked rock tower.  “Is…is that a bunny silhouette?” She asked.

“Yeah! How neat is that? Now for a few minutes just before dusk the kids can see a bunny shadow, but not a bunny! It’s so neat. Don’t you think it’s neat?” Caden of the Far Meadow could hardly contain his own excitement.

Aloyia of the East River was attempting to feel excitement, or even enthusiasm for the project.  “That’s…neat,” she finally said.  “I’m sure the children will enjoy it.”

“And look behind you.” Caden said.

Aloyia turned to see a series of enormous stone towers arranged in a circle.  “Oh my,” she said.

“Those will tell us when spring starts,” Caden explained.

“Oh. That’s pretty helpful actually.” Aloyia tried to mask her surprise.

“I guess.  I was hoping it would create a winged cow shape, but a calendar is okay too.”


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