Home Court

“17, the up and comer from Indiana, La Hoy is moving fast! Moves by the defenders. They can’t stop this kid!”

Stuart La Hoy heard the play by play being shouted by the announcers from a booth above the stadium’s bleachers.  They were far enough away to make the clarity of their voices reason for concern.  If they could be heard on the court, over the screaming fans and defensive players, certainly they were inflicting hearing damage on the poor ticket holders near the booth.  Stuart was not sure why he was so concerned for the health of the opposing team’s fans, but he plotted scheduling audiograms for the whole crowd should his big contract ever materialize.

He was just weeks from going pro.  Big money, big games, big chances were all in his immediate future.  For now, he just needed to play the game, have fun, and keep his edge.

As the announcer’s fevered calling of the play grew even louder, Stuart felt an elbow ram into his rib cage.  A foul only meant extra points at this point.  He liked extra points.  All he had to do now was let loose the ball at the right time, take two and make it more.  A thousand times before he had done just that.

“La Hoy shoots hoping to pick up some freebies, but the ball stops! It has been stopped!”

Stuart landed and looked up to see the bright orange basketball floating, almost crossing the threshold of the rim.  All he could do was shrug as he noticed the opposing team’s mascot staring intently at the ball and waving his hands.

“And it’s Wally the Tricky Mage for the block from the sidelines! These mascots, I tell you!” The announcers cheered.

Stuart waited for the ball to end its trance and take his free throws. This game was wildly less annoying than playing the Ohio Wallet Thieves.


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