The Chopped Clove is Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

Welcome one and all to The Chopped Clove. Today’s episode promises to be one of great smells, great colors, and most importantly, great food.  Let’s get cooking, what do you say?

Today we’ll be working on my spin of classic and personal favorite, lasagna.  Everyone has their own spin on this traditional dish, and I am no different.  First we start with our…our…oh golly.

There were supposed to be vine ripened Roma tomatoes right here.  Stan! Stan! You’re the food stocker, where’s my food?

Oh. Oh golly.  I seem to have found the juicy, bright red slightly acidic tomatoes under my foot.  That’s okay.  That’s fine.  We’ll put together our side dish while Stan goes to find more tomatoes.

To put together this dish first get your…your…oh golly.  Sometimes it is especially difficult to not swear in front of this wonderful studio audience! Give yourselves a round of applause would you? Yeah! Yeah! Keep that going while I search for the bacon crumbles that were supposed to be right here.  Yes, right here in the giant glass bowl covered in a towel.  They aren’t, of course.  Stan! Get some bacon out here!

That’s okay.  We can always throw the bacon in later.  The beautiful thing about bacon; it works at any time.  So let’s make our…

For crying out loud.

I had a spatula in my hand. In. My. Hand. Where did it go? Stan! Get me a new spatulaaaaa…wait a minute. Found it. I put it in the glass bowl that is meant to house bacon. Cooking can be a tremendous ordeal sometimes.  But at least it smells delicious! One more round of applause while I mutter to myself about the enigma that is life.

You may be wondering what we’re going to use the spatula for.  The answer is flipping enormous mushroom caps over to grill them to perfection!  Little olive oil, little salt, little pepper and the mushroom caps, which I plead with whatever higher power, supernatural or other, controls these situations are sitting right in the spot they were staged in, and you’ve got yourself an appetizer.

So let’s just flip the lid off this container which should hold our mushrooms.

Goodness me. This is not at all what I was expecting.  Stan! I found the bacon.

Yes, yes you can applaud that.  Well done, bacon!

My friends in the audience, I am going to confess something now.  Sometimes the best meals are the ones that are delivered to you.  So today’s plan is changing to the amazingness that is paying someone to bring you three large, two topping pizzas and a thing of bread sticks.

Stan! Get the phone!



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