Chuck at the Food Court

“You know, there use to be a graying tower alone on the sea? You guys ever hear of this?” Chuck heard the table behind him say.

He sat alone in a mall food court, eating pizza between shopping runs.  It was birthday season and he liked to get all his shopping done at once.  People watching was always nice too, but sometimes people left him questioning reality.  The conversation behind him had piqued his interest.

“There’s so much a man can tell you, so much he can say.  In particular, Mr. Ronald Riehns, historian of the Gray Tower that stands alone in the sea.” Another person at the table said.

Chuck felt he knew the words from somewhere.

“I’ve heard stories about that tower. Did you know that when it snows, the light that it shines can’t be seen?” A third member of the table added.

Chuck was nearly compelled to turn around.

“Mmm. Guys, this pizza is amazing.  Baby, to me, you’re like a growing addiction. That I cannot deny.” Another person said, mouth full of greasy served by the slice pepperoni pizza.

“Did you just call your pizza, ‘baby’?” Asked another diner.

Chuck was certain he had heard this all before.  The more he got of the conversation, the stranger it felt.  He tuned out the rest of the noise of the food court and focused on the conversation behind him.

“I say we visit the tower this weekend.”

“B Man returns this weekend.  I have to pick him up at the airport.”

“Brian’s coming back already?  Well that seals it, we have to make a trip out.  Game on, guys!”

Chuck had no idea what the group was talking about, but he was now quite interested in visiting the tower too.  The group behind him finished their meal and left their table, leaving Chuck to himself once more.

“That all seemed so familiar,” Chuck said aloud, wiping his face free of pizza grease.  His meal too had come to a close.  He rose from the table and walked to the next store to buy some flowers for his wife.

“Oh look, the rose in bloom,” he said, smiling as he looked over the floral shop’s supplies.


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