Broken Mouse

Some time ago my mouse broke.

“Your what?!” the mouse above asks.

My computer mouse.  That was a little hard to interpret what with a mouse picture being front and center and not giving a modifier to the word.  Kinda like how we now say ‘acoustic guitar’, when people didn’t have to modify their statement prior to the electric guitar coming into existence.  Anyway, Mouse, I apologize.

My computer mouse was destroyed due to my own negligence.  My laptop sat perched on the arm of the couch, my toddler was allowed within 40 miles of the couch, the laptop, gravity and the toddler had a discussion and I found a shattered dongle sitting on the floor.

“A whaaat??” the mouse above asks.

A dongle, Mouse. Yes, it is a ridiculous word.  Thankfully the laptop emerged unscathed, but I am now working with a track pad for the first time in forever.  It is wildly annoying.  It works, sure.  But precision work is out of the question.  It’s like playing a guitar left handed (which I am not.  If you are a left handed guitar player and looking for a more relatable comparison think of trying to play with a guitar covered in mayonnaise.  Weird and you are left with more questions than answers).

My confidence level with the trackpad is rising.  I have stopped resting part of my palm on the mouse area.

“The mouse’s whaaat???” the mouse above asks.

The mouse area…you know what never mind, Mouse.

The point of all this is, learning new things can be done.  Sometimes it is as silly as learning to use a tool that has been in front of you the whole time.

“hahahahahahahaha” says Mouse.

Not cool, Mouse.  Back to what I was trying to get at; learning happens all the time and we can better ourselves even when the task seems trivial.  My task is not losing patience and ordering a new mouse.

“I can’t be replaced!” Mouse says.

A new computer mouse, Mouse.  Instead of relying on old ways, I am learning new ways.  New, obnoxious ways, but new ways nonetheless.  So to those out there who, like me, are too lazy and cheap to replace broken tools take heart in knowing there are many ways to achieve the same result.

“That’s all you have for the night?” Mouse asks.

Yes, Mouse.  I’m upset about it too.

“Good enough, Human.”



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