The Handy Guide to Bad Info

I’m going to go wildly off topic even for my little corner of the internet.  I work with data all day turning it into actual information people can read, interpret and make decisions with.  I create infographics, charts, graphs and generally format excel sheets so not even the a drunk gopher tap dancing on a keyboard could ruin them (good golly do I love single click button macros).  Analyzing trends in data helps me find training gaps, safety issues and general ‘ah, yes, that needs work’ tasks.  Data is important stuff.

As a fan of data, I really, really hate misleading infographics on the internet.  Sure the purpose of data is to turn it into information that will help your position, but come on! Half the infographics in existence seem to put together by chaotic evil Sith Lords who want to watch the world burn.

I can’t not contribute to the abundance of dumb infographics though.  So here we have The Handy Guide to Bad Info!  Enjoy. May it help in identifying infographics built by chaotic neutral Sith.





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