Saturday Night at the Parking Lot

Saturday night in a town of fewer than 3,000 residents.  Plans consisted of little more than “meet at the parking lot!” The parking lot referenced in text messages throughout the town sits in front of what was once the local grocery store.  The townsfolk now received their food by drones coming from a warehouse 100 miles away.  The parking lot now hosted town parties.

Jalen’s car parked itself and he hoped out to the sounds of laughter and music.  The whole town was present to welcome the return of warm weather and the end of a school year.  He looked around for friends, cousins and people he cared little for.  Those were the three groups of people in town.


Jalen jumped.  His uncle always had a way of appearing out of nowhere.  The old man always greeted with a hard slap to the shoulder too.  Jalen hated that part.

“How’s that summer job working out?” Uncle Dallas asked.  The beer in his hand sloshed a bit.  The parking lot party had apparently been going on for some time.

“Eh, it’s going. I’m just coding mower paths right now.  Those lawn mowers won’t operate themselves! Well, they will, but they’d mow over stuff that is better left not mowed.  Boss says I can probably run my own operation next summer, but he’s a dumb a..,” Jalen was cut off by his Uncle’s laughter.

“Ah, kiddo, I tell you.  Some things never change,” Uncle Dallas said.

“That’s oddly reassuring, Uncle D.”



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