The Robot Wanders

The robot wandered.  With each step it took in sights, sounds and, perhaps most curiously, the sensation of the ground around it moving with each passing human step.

The footsteps were like music.  Horribly timed music, but music nonetheless.  The robot had not experienced such splendor, such life.  It was tremendous! The robot followed the beat until it found itself against what it knew to be a street vendor’s stall.

“Hi there little thing!” The vendor said, noticing the tiny robot only after the stall shook ever so slightly resulting in roses swaying.  The vendor knelt to the robot’s level and offered a rose.

The robot’s eyes focused on the vendor’s and its processors moved as fast as they ever had.  Finally, it posed a question, “is…is this love? Have I learned love?”

From a distance, engineer Ry Ryans watched a smile cover the vendor’s face and a single tear run down the vendor’s right cheek.  “Excellent,” Ry said to a voice recorder, “the code appears to be working.  A worthwhile endeavor to program robots to only ask if they are gaining emotion? Probably not, but I’ve nothing better to do.  So very lonely. I could use a rose. And a burrito.  These experiment recordings ramble at the end.  Next week we’ll try exasperation as the emotion word and see how things go. End of recording.”


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