The Friendship of Palmer and Hal

“Man, we’ve known each other a long time.  We’ve got a friendship like Romeo and Mercutio! In it together all the time!” Hal said with exuberance.  It was not every day friends got to commemorate 10 years of hanging out together.

Palmer’s face warped as confusion overcame him.  “Romeo and Mercutio? Dude, they were in a gang together.”

“Well, you know, they got to hang out all the time and were really there for each other when it mattered most,” Hal tried to explain.

Palmer couldn’t let the analogy go.  “If we were like a modern version of them, we’d be in the craziest dope dealing biker gang run by one of our dads.  We’d literally go around murdering people if they slandered the gang’s name.  We’d have to always be on guard because some other gang trying to be the craziest family run dope dealing by motorcycle group around would show up at random times.  We’d often have to explain why we were flipping them off.”

“Okay, okay, maybe that was not the best example.  Maybe we have a friendship like Butch and Sundance,” Hal offered another comparison.

Palmer shook his head.  “Butch and Sundance also robbed and shot people.  I’d prefer our friendship not be defined by harming those around us.  Do you think we damage people we encounter?”

Hal was annoyed, “why are the best friendships in history and literature based around crime? What if our friendship is more like Arthur and Lancelot?”

Palmer continued to shake his head.  “Have you ever finished that story?” He asked.

“Not exactly, no,” Hal admitted, “why?”

“Best to go with a different comparison,” Palmer offered no spoilers.

“Simon and Garfunkel?” Hal questioned.

“You’re doing this on purpose right?” Palmer asked.


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