Lenny and the Band


“Let’s make music history!” Lenny shouted from the sound booth.  He meant his words.  The band on the other side of the glass was innovative, challenging, motivated and talented to top it all off.

The band cheered and the drummer began to count them down.  Every thing would be recorded at once. Drums, vocals, bass, guitar; they were creating an authentic experience.

Lenny pushed the sliders of the mixer and watched genius unfold.  He had heard the first track dozens of times, but each time felt like the first.  The ending was his favorite part and as the cymbals closed out the track, he felt like cheering.  The first attempt and the band performed it perfectly.  Every one in the studio knew it too.  They were going to make the greatest record the world would ever experience.

“Lenny that was dope! Tell me it sounded as good on the recording as it did in here,” the lead guitarist asked.

Lenny smiled and gave a thumbs up, then checked the recording.  His heart sank.

“Uh, why don’t we try it one more time for good measure, eh?” Lenny replied.  And this time I’ll hit record.


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