Cassius and the Barn

The night had turned grim.  Cassius, bucked by his horse, was lost in a land far from home.  He knew but two things; first, the approaching storm brought with it a dire time for any caught outside. Second, the dot on the horizon appeared to be a barn.

He ran with all the speed he could muster and crashed through what remained of the barn door moments before hail began to fall from the sky.

“What fortune,” Cassius said, panting against the doorway.

“Ahem,” called a voice, clearing its throat inform Cassius he was most unwelcome.

“Apologies,” Cassius said.  He intended to continue, but feared his eyes betrayed him.  He looked to a dimly lit table on the opposite end of the barn to see a poker game in full swing.  A rather normal site for the year 1894, but the players were remarkable.

Dogs? Cassius questioned himself.

“You’re gone when the storm passes, understood?” The border collie dealing cards stated.

Cassius simply nodded his understanding of the command.

The storm passed a few minutes later and he was soon on the outside of the barn.  Reality itself seemed to unravel and he wondered how he would ever explain the strange sight, or if perhaps he had an immediate need for a doctor.

“Dogs playing poker,” he said in disbelief.  “No one will believe me.  But I must tell this tale.  I shall paint it!”  Resolved to action, Cassius walked to the nearest town and readied for a train ride home.


And that is how Cassius Marcellus Coolidge brought Poker Game into existence.


Not likely.

Not at all.


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