First Overnight

“Okay, if you need us call either cell.  Kids be good! Love you bye!” The drop off took two minutes before ‘mom and dad’ left the grandparents’ house and returned  to being Dan and Carol.  They hit 20 miles an hour before the end of the driveway.

“First overnight!” Dan cheered.  “I cannot believe how quiet this car can be.”

“Okay, we can hit the sushi place for a quick dinner.  Followed by the new brewery for lagers.  We’ll see how things are going at that point, and maybe catch a movie afterward,” Carol enthusiastically laid out the evening’s plan.

“Great stuff.  We do have to run home real quick,” Dan said.

“Fine, but it has to be quick.” Carol said.

Before they knew it, phone alarms were sounding.

“What the heck is that sound?” Dan said, shooting up from the couch.

“6:30?” Carol asked in horror.

“We slept the whole night away?”  Dan said, realizing the mistake.  “I call that a successful first overnight.”


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