Building the App

I’m slowly coming into my own with coding.  Slowly.  As with any new skill, application is very important.  But how to apply the skill? Good golly, that’s a focus issue that needs to be sorted out.

Right now!

Apps under consideration…

Twizard – A choose your own adventure app centered around wizards who use Twizzlers to fuel their magic, and their secret war with Red Vine-zards, an evil subset of wizards powered by, well, pure evil.

Each Day A-g-New – Random generation of Spiro Agnew quotes.  It doesn’t have a lot of features, but eventually you’ll resign yourself to adoring it.

Molarity – Like Air BnB, but for dentist appointments.  Now to find out what that means.

Fyx – A network for people really good at putting stuff back together.  Not making new things.  That’s what’ll make it stand out.  Just repairs. – A site dedicated to nothing but demolition. Gifs, fonts, forums; just talk about breaking stuff.  (It funnels right into Fyx.  Monopolize the whole process!)

Real (New) Cooks – Live streaming network with GPS integration.  Viewers will be shown streams from their local area.  Streamers are all new chefs.  Viewers make sure houses and apartments aren’t burned down and get a pretty good laugh when chefs start saying “What the eff is 1/8 of a tsp?” – Craigslist exclusively for uniting tupper ware lids and containers. – A chat bot for Slack that corrects your coworkers.

Rolling Stones – Notifications must be enabled.  The app tells you to watch a Oliver, Emma, Sharon, Yael, or Matt Stone movie.

Ide(as) of March – An app that integrates with your preferred exercise app and shouts ideas from a generator at you.  Every so often is says “The senators are right behind you!” to make sure you keep up the pace.

They Feed – A RSS tool which adds zombies to headlines.  You will have no understanding of the world, but at least tort reform will sound really exciting!

WhoAmI – A personality quiz app with two possible outcomes “You’re alright” and “Meh, you could be worse.”  Facebook share buttons are enormous.

Seven – A weekly service for a week’s worth of goals.

Se7en – A package tracking service.  Let’s you know when your package has arrived.  Then asks what’s in the box.
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