Trust Fall

“Jenkins!” Mr. Hopper shouted.

With a single word, Jenkins knew the command.  He stepped away from his coworkers and stepped to within arms’ reach of their increasingly grumpy boss.

“For this team building exercise, which I remind you is mandated by corporate and will only take a full six hours of productivity away from our team, you will trust me to catch you as you fall to the earth,” Mr. Hopper told Jenkins and the crowd.

Jenkins did not trust Mr. Hopper.  Mostly due to the mischievous smirk that crawled over Hopper’s face when he said, “as you fall to the earth.”

“Sir, does this have to happen right here? Can we move even ten feet that way?” Jenkins requested, pointing away from the pit immediately behind his boss.

“This is why they call it a trust fall, Jenkins.  Trust me, my leadership, and you have nothing to fear,” Hopper held his arms out to signal the fall would happen. Now.

Jenkins winced and readied to fall dozens of feet into a former quarry now over run, at the bottom at least, by grasses and plague carrying mice.

He was not disappointed.

In the distance he could hear Hopper describing the next team building activity.

“Crew, our goal is to work together to get that accountant free.  Who’s with me?”


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