Clarence’s Movie Experience

Clarence looked around the movie set with awe and confusion.

“Mr. Down,” someone called from afar.  Clarence was never comfortable being addressed as ‘mister’.  Despite spending years in public service, ‘Mr. Down’ would always be his father’s name.  He turned to see who was seeking him.

A round man ran toward him.  The film’s producer, Wyatt Pickle.  Clarence doubted that was the man’s given name, but liked to think there was a full lineage attached to the Pickle name.

“Wyatt, good to see you,” Clarence said.  His affable nature and sturdy handshakes were keys to his story; the story that was now being immortalized in a blockbuster movie produced by Wyatt Pickle and a team of movie industry elites.

“Mr. Down, thank you coming out here today. I hope you like the set. Craft services is just behind the saloon when you get hungry,” Wyatt said.  Sweat ran down his brow and into a shirt that he had stopped buttoning two before the top.

“Well,” Clarence started.  As he grew older, he found himself starting plenty of statements then needing a moment to collect his thoughts, “I must say the set is quite a scene, pardon the pun.  I do have some concerns though.”  Clarence watched Wyatt’s eyebrows move skyward.

“Certainly, certainly. I am here to put you at ease,” Wyatt said.  The two were still embraced in a seemingly endless handshake.

“My autobiography, the tome which inspired this here film which will get my story to a wider audience, mostly takes place in the 1990s.  It involves fighter jets, early internet, post Cold War nation building and keeping the ever widening income gap at bay,” Clarence said.

“Yes, sir it does. My favorite book. You are an inspiration,” Wyatt said.

“Why then, young one, does this set resemble the wild west and the extras are running around Victorian garb?” Clarence asked, his tone more serious than before.

“Well, we really mean that you are an inspiration.  As in, your book inspired this. You did a lot of work to make sure the internet took off around the globe, but in summer blockbuster hit your work with the internet takes you back in time to save the day from mecha-raptors, the creations of Warren Cold, evil 1890s inventor bent on destroying the globe for the sake of his own sick purposes.  It’ll be a hit,” Wyatt said, excitement in each word.

Clarence pondered the plot for a moment.  “Did I put anything in my contract about approving the script?” He asked.

“Not even a bit,” Wyatt said, matter of fact.

“Will there be a showdown scene?” Clarence asked.

“With laser pistols. Yes there will be,” Wyatt confirmed.

“Good enough. May I stay and watch that scene film?” Clarence asked.

“You certainly may. Right this way, Mr. Down.”  Wyatt took Clarence to a seat of honor right next to a prop mecha-raptor.


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