Frank, the Demigod

“Behold, mortals, it is I the demigod you can call simply, Frank,” Frank said, smiling and motioning for non-existent cheers to simmer down.  “I have returned from three thousand years of exile to help you capture more of the power of the gods.  So, what do you all need?”

A sea of iPhones began snapping photos and soon timelines across the city were flooded with #CrazyGuyOn12th.

“I gave humanity knowledge of milk, written language, and possibly even how to create a boat. I’m in a quarrel with Odinion about who did that first,” Frank pleaded for input from the crowd.

“Can you help solve the student debt crisis?” One member of the crowd asked.

“The wassit?” Frank said.

“How about climate change? Can you help humanity steal knowledge of climate science from the gods? We could really use a hand with that one,” called another voice.

“I was thinking more like communication tools or good bread recipes.  Those are more my wheelhouse,” Frank said, trying to dampen expectations.

“Dude, you’ve been trending for 10 minutes and if your bread recipe isn’t gluten free you’ve got the wrooooong audience here, man,” advised anoter crowd member.

“10 minutes already? It feels like I’ve only been here five. Technology, I tell you,” Frank laughed anxiously.  “Tell you folks what, I’ll leave my email address written in the clouds for a little while.  Shoot me some suggestions and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, okay? Okay. Thank you, Downtown! You’ve been great!” Frank whirled his hands and was soon flying to the safety of home.


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