Mayor Reynolds’ Bad Day

“Mayor Reynolds, do you have a plan?” The reporter asked.

Mayor Aaron Reynolds looked down at his podium and wondered how to spin why not having a plan was a good thing.

“Folks, I won’t lie and say this is not a concerning issue.  Our town seems to be surrounded by hyper-intelligent alien creatures which resemble adorable rabbits.  Attempts to leave town have proven futile.  To top it off, we don’t know what they want,” the Mayor recapped.

“Have you tried to contact  neighboring villages for help?” Another reporter asked.

“And let them think we’re being held captive by cute bunnies? I think not.”

A murmur of agreement swept the press room.

“So to answer your question, Sarah, the plan is to provide carrots and Trix until things blow over, and avoid giving Parkersville any fodder for the tri-city summer games.  Understood?” The mayor looked over the assembled members of the press.  “Good. Dismissed.”

I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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