Story Written While Terribly Distracted on a Monday Night

“Your life is pretty great here, huh?” Asked the character who has never left town and fears change.

“Until I arrive, destroy your way of life and flee!” Said the incomprehensible evil.

“You must avenge us!” said the villagers who give spark to the quest.

“Are you sure?” Asked the unwilling hero to be.

“I am sure. Follow my advice and we’ll make it through this. Together,” said the wise character guiding the new hero.

“I’ll come too and make jokes!” Shouted the plucky sidekick.

“You’ve come far, but I will stop your party!” Threatened the first test, easily overcome with the power of teamwork.

“That was great teamwork, but you’ll have to do better than that when we come face to face with the incomprehensible evil,” advised the wise character.

“And you won’t be there to help them now!” shouted the incomprehensible evil, ending the wise character’s life.

“No! We have lost our wise character, but good golly do I feel inspired to defeat our great foe!” Said the now willing hero.

“I am too! Bad pun, bad pun.” Quipped the sidekick.

“Can we master the second and third tests without the advice of Wise Character? Yep. They’ll be pretty forgettable encounters too,” noted the willing hero.

“You’ve arrived in my lair.  You’ll be destroyed now,” threatened the incomprehensible evil.

“Jokes on you, we discovered the secret to destroying you when test number two fell!” The plucky sidekick gave away too much information.

“But I stop you now!” The willing hero said as the incomprehensible evil fell.

“I feel like we’ve learned some valuable lessons along the journey to avenge our village,” said the plucky sidekick, standing over the slain incomprehensible evil.

“Yeah. I’m going to leave society now.  When you need me, I’ll be back though.  Peace out,” said the willing hero, leaving society to better hone their skill.

“That hero is hilarious. How do I get home?” Asks the plucky sidekick.

…and scene.

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