Frank’s First Day

via Pixabay

“Any body know what Frank is doing?” Arnie asked.  Frank was new to the flock and the area.  The adjustment was going poorly.

“He’s just acclimating,” Raj said, “he’ll be fine in a few days.  Sarah gave him the tour, Dave showed him the best food, Wendy filled out the on-boarding paperwork.  You remember your first day.”

“Yeah, but this seems…different.” Arnie said.  He and Arnie bounced to where the new guy stood.

“Hey, Frank. How’s it going,” Arnie asked.

Frank did not say a thing.  He kept his gaze forward, unblinking.

“Raj, did you say Dave showed him the best food.” Arnie had a suspicion of what was with the next guy.

“Yep. Paperwork says they went north,” Raj said, reading over the new hire paperwork handed in that morning.

“Oh that does not bode well.  North fields are mostly spoiled,”  Arnie’s tone

“What does that mean?” Raj asked.

“I think I’m Photoshop’d.” Frank muttered from his spot on the field.

“That’s what that means.” Arnie grabbed Frank by the wing and guided the newbie home.


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