Initials in a Tree Stump

“Barry Miller.”

“Natalie Thorne.”

The couple stared into each other’s eyes.  The tree beside them, the grass below them, the sky above them; all melted away until there was only Barry and Natalie.  They were all they needed in the world.

“I love you,” they said in unison.  Giggling followed.  In one year’s time they were to be married.

“First things first,” Barry said, “we’ve gotta mark Lover’s Tree.”

“That’s a gross word, Barry,” Natalie said.  Barry agreed, but the name was as old as the town.

“BM And NT” Barry said as he carved the trunk, immortalizing the relationship they two had built.

“I can’t wait to spend a lifetime with you,” Natalie said before sneaking one more kiss from her soon to be husband.

“Neither can I,” Barry replied.

65 years later

Blake laughed until his sides hurt. “Dude! Dude! Check this one out! BM and NT.  Bowel movement and Number two!”

Aaron echoed the laughter.  They were two kids running through an old park and laughing at anything they recognized, a tradition as old as lover’s tree.

“I’m sure they had a long, long crappy life together!” Aaron said.  An uproar of laughter followed.

Meanwhile, across town….

“Wow, look at this one,” Maria said.  She stood over a gravestone near her own mother’s plot, where Maria had just placed a nice bouquet of tulips.

“Barry and Natalie Miller. 60 years married! That’s forever.” Steven said, sarcastically.  Maria slapped his arm.

“That inscription though. ‘Happily ever after since day one.’ That’s adorable. I hope they had a wonderful life together.”

“With the initials BM, I think they saw some real shi..,” Steven was cut off.

“Stop it you. Be nice. Let’s get home before those clouds open up on us.”  Maria took walked with her husband arm in arm and hoped for their own lifetime of happily ever after.

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