Deck and Amy and the Big Box Store

“We should have arrived at open,” Deck said. He clinched Amy’s hand within his and they both stared at the mob of shoppers rushing into the local Enormo-Mart electronics shop.

“I am so sorry,” Amy said, regretting the extra episodes of Fixer Upper viewed that morning.

Together, they stepped forward.  Automatic doors whooshed open.  Usually this made Deck feel like a magician, but this time…this time was different.  The automated doors felt more the teeth of a bear trap.  Children ran by the couple’s kneecaps.  The roar of tire on pavement outside gave way to a steady murmur of chattering partners discussing the virtue of HD3D Dolby 5.1 sets and why AMD and Intel are actually two different approaches to CPUs.

“How badly do you need a new computer?” Amy asked.  Her eyes were stuck open, wider than she knew they could achieve.

“It’s new computer or I stop contributing to finances,” Deck said, dodging a shopping cart.


The two began a winding path through the store.  More children. More shopping carts. More noise.  They twisted, turned, dodged, and leaded their way to the computer section.

“Oh gosh, it is so bright here,” Deck complained.

“Do you know which one you want?” Amy asked.  She abandoned trying to maintain eye contact during conversation, instead scanning the immediate area for incoming disasters.

The crowd seemed inches away from their faces.  The duo felt a shared panicked sweat overcome them.

Deck had no time to reply.  A sales clerk, big red name tag reading Wallace hanging from a shirt pocket, stepped up to the duo.  “May I help you?”

“Hey there, Wallace, I want to buy this one please,” Deck said pointing at a moderately priced, moderately powerful laptop.

“Oh yeah, this models great. And, little secret here,” Wallace whispered, “if you order it from our website you get 20% off through 11:55pm tonight.”

“The internet? The internet?! I can’t believe we didn’t go to the internet first,” Deck slammed his hands against his side.

“I think we can get out of here by jumping over the display cases.  Pretend we’re jumping on Koopa Troopers. Ready?” Amy pulled Deck away from the computer and the two made their final exit at Enormo-Mart.


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