Facts about Pig (six words at a time)

Pig spoiled Lord of the Flies.

Pig knows he’s delicious, but unconcerned.

Pig escapes pens all the time.

Pig considers truffle hunting his passion.

Pig enjoys staring down human children.

Pig hides well. So very well.

Pig is always plotting your demise.

Pig thinks of happier times alone.

Pig fusses over his unimpressive 401k.

Pig worries about the weather often.

Pig has no memory of ’06.

Pig sat on a spider; screamed.

Pig exercises regularly, if anyone asks.

Pig never remembers his wedding anniversary.

Pig makes a mean pastrami sandwich.

Pig wishes Babe was simply better.

Pig totally digs Animal Farm though.

Pig skydived with an unnamed celebrity.

Pig knows three songs on guitar.


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