Movie Trailers

A world unprepared for a new food.
There was no warning.
There was only weird salad. Prepare for…
Kale Storm
Coming December.


Walt was not good with metaphor. Becca worked as a translator.  Their relationship was getting tense.
Walt had a solution.
“I built a rocketship for you.”
“That’s not what I meant by ‘I need space.'”
This fall, see Miss Interpretation


This spring, baseball is in the air.
But terror is in the hearts of stadium management.

“This is never going to work!”
“You’re moving too fast. The new calliope can’t take it!”

*Take Me Out to the Ball Game plays in the background*

“You know we need to do this. There’s no other option.”

“Fine. I can’t watch though.”

In select theaters, see Organ Transplant


Why is there are a feline on your head?”
“New uniforms, man.”
This spring see Baseball Cat




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