Case of the Mondays: A Cure


Rough.  Especially after a weekend full of well behaved children who listened well and ate meals.  But here we are now.How does a case of the Mondays change from symptoms like the above to more like this:

I think I have an answer.  Work these phrases into your day.  If I had coworkers I totally would.

Phrases to pepper a Monday with:

Did you see Brendan Frasier in The Mummy?

My aunt makes a mean meatloaf.

These reports were made with Comic Sans, but I’m still sending them to corporate.

The ever expanding universe may rapidly collapse in on itself at any given moment.

My favorite part of The Mummy with Brendan Frasier was the part where they sailed down the Nile and the boat set on fire.  Well shot.

I hope we go fully electronic soon, because by golly paper cuts are the worst!

My aunt’s meatloaf tried to cut me once.

Have you folks seen what public libraries are like these days? Remarkable!

There is an asteroid the size of Texas out there. Somewhere. Waiting. We won’t see it before it is too late.

The guy that invented the Pet Rock sure is a genius, huh? Million dollars off good packaging.  That’s impressive.

Coffee’s strong today.

The only difference between man and machine is man can suppress guilt.

You remember that part of The Mummy with Brendan Frasier where the sand face ate the plane? For early CGI, it sure was impressive.

Memos. Amirite?



Use any of these and your Monday is sure to be improved.


Thanks for reading!


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