Ah Fiddle Sticks

So fidget cubes are all the rage right now.  I totally understand why, but $25 is a box of diapers. While I love the concept, goodness are there other priorities.  Turns out, they’re easy to make on your own.  The one I made uses something called a sex screw! The SEO hits for this post are going to be so disappointed.

When the fidget gadget craze kicked off, I was stoked to know I wasn’t alone.  I chew pens, tap desks, shuffle cards, type, roll dice; generally annoy myself with constant motion.  The pen chewing is dying down.  I switched from cheap pens that are chewable to hard plastic pens that shatter and cut mouths if chewed on.

Tapping stuff rarely ends in injury though, so finding a less obnoxious way to channel this habit was found in fidget devices.

What is it made of?

I had a cut-down-the-middle bit of 2×4 laying around.  From that strip, I cut a 1.5 inch chunk and sanded it down to not quite 1.5 inches.  The thing is far from square, but does fit nicely in the palm. My parents gave me a really nice sander for Christmas and I expect to have destroyed its motor by Memorial Day.  Loving this thing.  My stuff is no longer cutting my kids! It’s a new day.

The sex screw is also called a Chicago Screw.  Much more Google friendly.  I put a through hole in the block and the Chicago Screw sits in that allowing for spinning action. It can also be pushed and shoved from side to side for some extra fun.

On top there’s a standard screw with a washer far too big.  The silver washer can be spun around and makes a satisfying sound.  The raised washer (I don’t know the real name for it) keeps the silver one in place.  The weird part about washers is there are never any of the correct size available.  Like missing dryer socks, there’s no explanation.

On one side I took a drill bit based drum sander and put some texture into the side of the block.  In the incredibly weird decade that was “The ’90s” it was pretty essential to have a ‘worry stone’ on you at all times.  The modern version of course throws in some extra stuff.  Model 2.0 will be bluetooth enabled to play soothing sounds of waves crashing against the rocks of a bay (and ever so faintly in the distance a couple arguing over the right way to eat fish-n-chips).


So far, pretty pleased with the trinket.  Anyone who sees it automatically goes to grab it and play (provided I’m not spinning it at that moment).  That’s a good project in my book.

Now to actually work on the project that literally is my book.


Happy fidgeting, all!


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