Coffee Cup Down

coffee-1030971_1920“Come take a look at this!”

Coffee cup down.

“We need to talk.”

Coffee cup down.

“Meeting. Five minutes.”

Coffee cup down.

“Everyone, stop what you’re doing and follow me.”

Coffee cup down.



*The cup is a metaphor for actually trying to accomplish your goals.  The world will stop you.

**Wowsa! Dark. Go out and try stuff.

***But recognize that your efforts are futile.

****Yeesh. That above point is wildly untrue.  Go try, do, build, make, learn. Better yourself and those around you.  Life is grand.

*****But, you know, brace for failure.

******Sweet googly moogly what sort of week has this been?

*******A typical one.



**********We can make our own reality by trying to succeed!

***********Do or do not, homie. There is no try.

************That’s my entire point.

*************Well played.

**************Optimism wins the day!


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