Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! Here are some thoughts for my tombstone’s epitaph.

Pox came down and smashed this clown

His final word rhymed with orange

He tried. He died. Lesson learned.

Last words: Sweet googly moogly that’s a big ant!

Partier. Adventurer.  Guru. Gyro Eater.  He was one of these things.

Could sing most of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” well into the 2010s.

Beloved Go-Awayer

“The Pie Guy” – horribly misleading. Great way to mess with historians later on.

Never once told ‘the kids’ toget off the lawn

Fought for a solid ten minutes for cherished causes

Woke up before the sun on multiple occasions.

Former owner of a car that looks just that one from that tv show.

Didn’t know his neighbors. Knew the backstory of 5 Green Lanterns.

“I’m with stupid —>” the arrow pointing to a neighboring plot.  Always remembered as being ‘that guy’. It’ll be awesome.

A whole bunch of hash marks like III III IIII  no explanation given.



Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!


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