Pender Bear


“What did you do?” Jonah screamed as multiple blood vessels became very visible on his forehead.

“We call it a Pender Bear.  It’s a spider-penguin-grizzly combo.  Things last night got off. the. chain. Amazing.” Wanda informed the lab’s chief scientist.

“You two were meant to be creating a diet supplement pill.  How did this thing happen?” Jonah asked.  His tone was quieter, but the blood pressure still a problem.

Francis chimed in to help his lab partner, “well, it was a really late night in the lab.  I remember saying, ‘hold my drink’ and 10 hours later this guy was with us'”

Jonah contemplated the creature before him.  “Find a way for it to be related to dieting and you can keep it.”

“Not a problem, boss.  This thing…this thing encourages running,” Francis said.  He and Wanda glanced to the floor.

“It glows in the dark, some how.  Pender Bear is terrifying,” Wanda explained.

Jonah nodded his head, “innovative.  Good work.”



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