Must Haves: A Quiet Weekend

Thursday.  This week will not end.  I realize that is not exactly how time works, but I remain fairly convinced the week has stalled.  I have been working with Bootstrap this week to create a very primitive LMS, meanwhile using the Bootstrap 3 CSS to make a fairly ‘okay’ org chart for my company and soon I get to make a bunch of videos for….oh no. I’ve bored myself to tears.

It is time to look ahead to the weekend.  A quiet weekend.  A weekend without tracking down that one lousy < that was missed to close a lousy div that shouldn’t have been….sigh.

A quiet weekend must have:

A nice, quiet job through a local park.

A fellow jogger running into you, but taking a moment to say, ‘sorry’ before they run off noticeably faster than most other joggers.

A kind dog barking at a forested section of the park.

A good long chat with an empathetic police officer.  They’re certainly going to catch whomever did this!  Quiet afternoons are all about staying positive.

A large bottle of wine to help the morning feel like ages ago.

One email from a stranger letting you know they are looking out for you!

A text from an unknown number with a flattering picture of you! It’s nice to know that while you are taking a quiet weekend to yourself, someone is paying attention.

A wave from your postal worker as they drop off the mail.

A polite group of fire fighters to help clean up your exploded mailbox.

A car, late at night, driving by your house nice and slow.  That driver recognizes the importance of neighborhood speed limits.

Another email, from another new friend! This one’s subject is “algorithm to identify the murderer”

A text with directions to a public coffee shop.  Good thing that algorithm came through! On a quiet weekend, it is good to help our new friends get what they need.

An opportunity to see new places.  Although you can’t find the coffee shop, giant vacant warehouses are also pretty fun.

A reminder to see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor about what decibel level gun shots reach and how to protect your hearing.

A good cardio workout.  Running at top speed has to be good for the heart.

An adrenaline rush.

A nice warm blanket, a cup of hot cocoa and a chance to talk to the police officer from yesterday, taking down another witness testimony from you. This time about the chase you just endured.  It’s nice to have made a friend that listens so well during this quiet weekend.

Of course, wrapping the weekend by seeing a familiar face on the news is always exciting.  Let’s hope that jogger that bumped into you has a fair, but just trial.


Yeah. That’s what a nice quiet weekend needs.
Thanks for reading!

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