Job Recommendations

“Job recommendations? Don’t mind if I do, Online Job Board,” Rob said, clicking a blue link.

His job search had thus far been a painfully slow crawl.  The resume upload, the resume review, the resume revamp, the resume re-review, the resume re-revamp; each step taking longer than expected, longer than hoped.  He had gone in and out of a number of jobs over his life in the workforce. Nothing had kept him interested.   Guidance of any sort was quite welcome.

“Alrighty, let’s see what we have here.” His eyes darted around the list of near by jobs that matched his resume.

“Accountant. Nope.  Data Analyst? Never again.  Technical writer brings about seasonal affected disorder in the heart of Spring.  What the heck is that?” Rob moved a little closer to the screen, unsure if his eyes were telling him the truth.

“Dog sitter? The resume either has a typo or I am starting to doubt the algorithm.”


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